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How do I work out the size of the marquee I need?

An event can be spoilt if the marquee is too cramped and equally the atmosphere can be lost if it is too large. We put time against properly sizing a marquee, and use AutoCAD technology to draw scale plans incorporating fixtures (furniture, dance floors etc) to ensure optimum use of space. Be assured that we will spend time with you to discuss this, one of the most fundamental decisions to take.

On the Price Guide page there is a Guide to Capacity chart this does not take into account, bar, buffet, or dance floor areas.

Will I need matting or carpet?

It depends on the event and the condition of the grass. Most event organisers ask for matting as it adds that professional finish. Plastic sheeting is laid underneath the matting to prevent damp.

Do you supply heating in marquees for outdoor weddings?

Yes, even in the depths of winter we can ensure you that the marquee will be dry, comfortable and warm.

Can you supply marquees that attach to an existing building?

Our unique system of marquee can be linked and joined to form a variety of shapes and sizes and are particularly well designed to attach to existing buildings.

When do you erect the marquees?

This depends on the type and size of the function. For a wedding or a big function we erect the marquee 2-3 days before the event, and for a smaller function 1-2 days before the event. However we try to be as flexible as we can and work around the customer.

Can I decorate them myself?

You are more than welcome to decorate the marquees yourself, however we would request that use string or cable ties wherever possible as opposed to tape.

Can you suggest venues/caterers?

We work closely we a selection of catering companies/venues and would be please to recommend them where appropriate. See our Links page.

Can the marquees be set up on hard surfaces?

Our Clearspan frame marquees and Chinese hat marquees can virtually be set up on any surface. But the Capri marquee can only be erected on grass and gravel not concrete.

You are not a listed supplier at the venue I am looking into?

…are you able to work there? Almost certainly. We have considerable experience in proving to venues new to us that we are a reputable and professional company, with favourable outcomes. We would always be confident that we could provide our services where you wish us to.

Will it damage my lawn?

Not itself, but on soft or wet lawns the entrances and exits are likely to become soggy. Grass is amazingly resilient stuff and usually grows back stronger.

When should I cut the grass?

Don’t leave it to the last minute. The aim is to erect the marquee on as dry a surface as possible to limit condensation and damage to lawn. Cut the grass a couple of days prior to allow it to dry out.

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